Style is forever, but fashion is fleeting. And with today’s growing share-ecomonies and initiatives that allow people co-ownership or lease of almost every aspect in their life, it’s a shame that fashion is still bulk season-bound. But this all might be changing if it’s up to the ladied of Fashion Library LENA. LENA is an upcoming concept set up by the ladies behind Doortjes Vintage and is all about sharing. From the mindset that ‘Sharing Matters’ these ladies build around the concept where your closet isn’t limited anymore to what you own, but by the curated items you can ‘borrow’ from your LENA closet. Or even better said your fashion library. Because let’s face it, regardless of how many clothes we own we never have anything to wear. We had the unique opportunity to sit down with the ladies from LENA to pick their brains.


What is the story of LENA?

It all started three years ago in Eindhoven with three sisters and Doortje Vintage. We alreay formed the idea, but it was to big to initiate during that time. So in the meantime we acquired Suzanne Smulders, who was already a freelancer at Doortje, to take on a leading executive role in this major project making fashion fun again; we’ve both done studies at AMFI and worked in fashion and have seen its ‘ugly side’. That was also a great motivation to look more towards sustainable fashion and ways to achieve a more sustainable style habit. So we started focusing on questions like; How can we make sustainable fashion-sense accessible? How can we make shopping guilt-free? but without a flee-market feeling, but still with a high fashion edge, making sustainable fashion sense easier to get into. We notice that in other aspects of our lives, whether it is borrowing chairs or an subscription to a car, we implement the same mindset of a sustainability, which is a goal to also exude towards our customers in order to inspire them into becoming more aware of their consumption. Little by little. We noticed that in our main strategy quality and uniqueness is also an important keystone. Trends are fleeting and as a fashion library you want to be able to offer quality and timelessness.


LENA is launching their first physical fashion library on December 4th in Amsterdam. So just in time for the winter holidays. The event however is a RSVP-only event, so please check out the Facebook event for further details.